Reporting API demo: 💥 Reports generation page

SEE THE CODE 👩🏻‍💻 ✦ Questions? Ping maudnals.
The Reporting API is a generic framework to allow reporting for web platform features. This demo runs code that deliberately violates policies and does other bad things 💥 in order to generate reports.
Run this demo in Chrome, version 96 or later (check via chrome://version).
Optionally, to receive reports faster as you're experimenting with this demo, run Chrome with the flag --short-reporting-delay. This flag is not available via the Chrome UI, it's a command line flag. See how to run Chromium with flags.
This page uses the Reporting API v1.

  1. Load this page. Upon loading, this page generates one report of each of these types (if supported by the browser):
    • CSP violation
    • Deprecation
    • Document policy violation
    • Intervention
    • Permissions policy violation (experimental)
    • It also opens a separate page and by doing so, generates a COOP violation.
  2. Open or reload to see all reports.
☝️ Note: If you want to generate a crash report, you'll need to do it manually: type chrome://crash/ in your browser from this page.
💥 This page has console errors and issues. That's expected: it tries to violate its own security policies, uses deprecated APIs, and does other bad things in order to generate reports.